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 Cycling around Italy as a local enjoying its quiet roads

Italian VeloTours was created after our more than 20 years of experience with Milan based Turbolento Cycling Club. Having gained considerable knowledge of Italy’s ‘quiet roads’ - LE STRADE ZITTE, we wanted to pass on our enjoyment and provide cyclists with the most stimulating and scenic trips through Italy’s country roads. 

As founders and “trip designers” of Italian VeloTours, we are not only experienced cyclists, but professional photographers and authors too, having written many cycling touring guides. With a shared passion for both cycling and the Italian landscape, we have explored and logged miles of unknown and secret roads experiencing wonderful places, beautiful views and welcoming people. From river valleys and farms, to hidden-away boutique 4stars hotels and charming trattorias – visitors can enjoy the hospitality on offer or just relax and soak up the atmosphere. 

Key to the enjoyment of an Italian VeloTours trip is the provision of a support minivan and a highly experienced guide for every tour – allowing guests to explore the ‘real’ Italy in safety. We also cater for a wide range of cycling abilities, as the group pace is never frantic; instead we slow things down to allow for conversation and appreciation of the surrounding scenery. So it is not necessary to be super fit, just familiar with the saddle and medium-range distances. 

Why choose an Italian VeloTour for your Italy bike tours?

Cyclotourism is the best way to immerse yourself into the spirit of a place, to contemplate the landscape, and to discover little villages and towns. With the enormous satisfaction of getting there under your own steam. In every corner of Italy you'll disclose surprising vistas: an unforgettable sunset, a dawn that will charge you with energy for the entire day. Each of your senses will be stimulated by our bike tours in Italy.

Italian VeloTours are recreational tours. Advanced athletic performance is not required, just familiarity with the saddle and medium-range distances (60-120k). Some legs and hills can be demanding, but always at a “contemplative and conversational” pace. A minivan totes the baggage, gives mechanical support and offers assistance to anyone whose energy runs low. About five hours on the bike per day, with plenty of time to enjoy Italy "beyond the bike”, with special moments everyday. 

The Quiet Roads - Le Strade Zitte 

Le Strade Zitte are the small country roads and narrow mountain passes that Italian VeloTours use for their cycling trips - far away from the chaos and noise of city life and traffic. Le Strade Zitte have many appealing qualities. Whether straight or winding, they are often a little out-of-the-way, usually peaceful and sometimes deserted.  They have a unique charm and the challenge for cyclists is to find the perfect balance between speed and a more leisurely pace. After all, the aim is not to race from A to B as quickly as possible, but to absorb and enjoy the roads and to appreciate the stunning landscape. 

Le Strade Zitte tours are the result of a life-long passion for cycling and for Italy; they are built from our love of slow journeys and rides, that explore the quietest and most precious corners of our country. 


For groups of at least 6, we can design ad-hoc trips to the places you'd like to visit.

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Il mio primo viaggio in bici, partendo dalla mia città, l'avevo sempre voluto, mai trovato la compagnia con cui farlo, i miei amici ciclisti troppo sfegatati per un viaggio in bici ai miei ritmi. Finalmente arriva l'occasione. Unica donna, speriamo di stare al passo... è andato tutto benissimo, ho avuto il supporto costante del gruppo, l'entusiasmo non è mai mancato e siamo riusciti a macinare tutti i km in programma con grande divertimento, bicicletta, risate, ottimo cibo e bevuto sempre insieme! Tutto ben studiato: luoghi, alberghi, organizzazione :)


Beautiful ride! along silent roads, no traffic, in the middle of the countryside and then reach the sea is a truly stunning. Excellent organization and traveling companions sympathetic. It 'worth sweat a bit'!


A Lecce il gruppo si riunisce e si preparano le biciclette per il giorno seguente. Forza, domani si parte!Ci troviamo a cena e si inizia a ridere...e ancora dobbiamo partire !!!Ma è solo l'inizio di quattro giorni di pedalate, risate e bagni fino al momento dei saluti.Alla sera dell'ultimo giorno Paolo mi sorprende piacevolmente e mi chiede: "Giuseppe, quando facciamo il prossimo viaggio?!?




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