Leonardo's Navigli Grand Tour

Milan's waterways in our Milan bike tour / In the countryside west of Milan and along the Ticino valley, exploring the rural culture of Lombardy and Piedmont. The thrill of Piazza Ducale in Vigevano, the covered bridge in Pavia, and the abbey in...

From the lowland to the Apennines

From the lowland to the Apennines, wandering through valleys and the scenic hills around Piacenza. You will ride with professional racing bicycles. This is an intermediate tour 2 nights in Bobbio discovering the Trebbia Valley then you will ride...


Chase the Sun Italia is “the most romantic long distance cycling challenge”.It’s a ride, not a race. An annual challenge, cycling the longest day of the year, from sunrise to sunset, coast to coast, east to west. Maybe...



I have not trained for it, the new road racing bike is not ready, I don’t know anybody…..Am I really sure I want to do this? These were my thoughts before leaving. Instead it turned into a steady increase of rides, laughter, trust and synergy with the group I shared this experience . Clearly the spectacular scenery and wonderful weather have contributed to the whole experience, like the unforgettable ride to Gallipoli that ended with swimming in its clear water. My constant thought: “From now on it’s all downhill!” to be immediately  faced with another uphill ride...


It is a bike tour that you really recommend it to everyone, everyone like me that never try a 6days tour, but want to try this strong experience. If you never stay in Matera...WOW you really have to go, as in the Trulliland too...if you too, like me, are willing to accept the challenges, then you must try. It's an easy outdoor experience, with long riding, seabath, food, wine with special travel mate. Thanks, really thanks, to Italian VeloTours!


Il film Basilicata coast to coast è una meraviglia e rifare quello stesso percorso in bicicletta, lo è ancora di più. Posti fantastici, cibo e vino di grande soddisfazione, dislivelli impegnativi, clima perfetto sia come meteo che come spirito di gruppo. e poi quella cantata alla fine a Scansano, proprio come nel film...una canzone bisogna mettercela in ogni viaggio. Credo

Guido B.



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