Basilicata coast to coast

From Tirrenian sea to Matera and Jonio.

Basilicata coast to coast

Basilicata bike tours

Not just the Sassi di Matera / Crossing Basilicata from the Tyrrhenian coast to the Ionic, we discovered that the Sassi di Matera are surrounded by a small region of incredible beauty overlooking two seas.

A prologue at sunset over the Gulf of Policastro, and challenging climbs in the Piccole Dolomiti Lucane.

steps&stops of our Basilicata bike tours: Acquafredda, Maratea, Trècchina, Lago di Laudemio, Tramutola, Castelmezzano, Garaguso, Lago di San Giuliano, Matera, Craco, Ionic coast.

Travel Highlights of our Basilicata bike tours: Basilicata, not so long ago known as Lucania, is a region tucked between Cilento (Campania) to the northwest, the Parco del Pollino (Calabria) to the south, and Puglia to the east. This area proves a pleasant discovery, even on the bike, despite the fact that the terrain is 90% mountains and hills. The region is rich with natural reserves, parks, and typical untainted places. Castelmezzano and Pietrapertosa are like crèches set into the Piccole Dolomiti Lucane, and are reached riding long silent roads and gullies that seemed designed specifically for the bike. Then, Matera and its stones, the desolate and fascinating abandonment of Craco, and dozens of small towns – protected, isolated, lost in the colors and flavors that only Italy can deliver. An exquisite heritage of both landscape and gastronomy. Basilicata, when toured by bike, can be a new Tuscany.

This is an ON-DEMAND tour, for groups of 8pax at least. Contact us for more details.

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This is a 5 days tour. You can ask to add 1 day, or to ask for a bespoke tour for a group of 7 partecipants, or more. For more details and costs contact us.


Tour - Day by day

Acquafredda (PZ)

On the first day you'll be on the tirrenian side of the coast, with its beautiful cliffs and cristal blue water

day1/ Acquafredda-Rifugio Conserva (1440m PZ)

68k drop 2.200 - We stop and spend the night at a higher altitude to enjoy the view over the Ionian sea.

day 2/ Laudemio-Castelmezzano (PZ)

90k drop 1.000 - the American magazine "Budget Travel" called Castelmezzano the best places on the planet from those never heard of; Castelmezzano is also part of the circuit of "The most beautiful villages in Italy"

day 3/ Castelmezzano-Matera (401m)

100k drop 1200 - Crossing the Gravina River we enter the city of “rocks”, i sassi di Matera. Admire its original clusters of houses carved into limestone which makes Matera one of the most spectacular Unesco heritage sites

day4/ Matera-Policoro (MT)

100k drop 1.100, from Matera to Policoro that is located a short distance from the ruins of the ancient city of Heraclea, an important center of ancient Greece, built in the sixth century BC. Night on the sea in Policoro, next early morning transfer to the airport.

Tours will run ON-DEMAND. Accommodation can be in double-room/double-bed, double-room/twin-beds, single-room (additional charge will be applied). Please let us know if you book for you as a single, for a couple, or a group. In this latter case you can consider the opportunity to create your TailorMade Italian VeloTour, that will fit your specific requests and desires.

Italian Velo Tours are recreational cycling trips – advanced athletic performance is not required, just familiarity with the saddle and medium-range distances (60-120k).  You ride with us using your own bike, but quality Italian racing bikes (Cinelli) can also be rented. Some legs and hills can be demanding, but always at a “contemplative and conversational” pace. A minivan totes the baggage, gives mechanical support, and offers assistance to anyone whose energy runs low. Five or six hours on the bike each day, with plenty of time to enjoy Italy "beyond the bike". You can also choose to spend some extra time at places you especially enjoy and rejoin us later, thanks to Italian VeloTours exclusive "Hansel and Gretel" signage, or Garmin navigator using.

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Non mi ero allenata, ma che meraviglia. Chilometri e chilometri con pochissimo traffico e tanto chiacchierare, ridere, scherzare con la giusta andatura "da conversazione". E l'arrivo a Castelmezzano? che dire? non ci sono parole... Gran bel giro, unico. La prossima volta da Matera si deve proseguire per la Puglia...e pedalare, pedalare, ridere e scherzare. Ancora. Ma che fatica certe salite...


Il film Basilicata coast to coast è una meraviglia e rifare quello stesso percorso in bicicletta, lo è ancora di più. Posti fantastici, cibo e vino di grande soddisfazione, dislivelli impegnativi, clima perfetto sia come meteo che come spirito di gruppo. e poi quella cantata alla fine a Scansano, proprio come nel film...una canzone bisogna mettercela in ogni viaggio. Credo

Guido B.





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