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A Lecce il gruppo si riunisce e si preparano le biciclette per il giorno seguente. Forza, domani si parte!Ci troviamo a cena e si inizia a ridere...e ancora dobbiamo partire !!!Ma è solo l'inizio di quattro giorni di pedalate, risate e bagni fino al momento dei saluti.Alla sera dell'ultimo giorno Paolo mi sorprende piacevolmente e mi chiede: "Giuseppe, quando facciamo il prossimo viaggio?!?


Beautiful ride! along silent roads, no traffic, in the middle of the countryside and then reach the sea is a truly stunning. Excellent organization and traveling companions sympathetic. It 'worth sweat a bit'!


I have not trained for it, the new road racing bike is not ready, I don’t know anybody…..Am I really sure I want to do this? These were my thoughts before leaving. Instead it turned into a steady increase of rides, laughter, trust and synergy with the group I shared this experience . Clearly the spectacular scenery and wonderful weather have contributed to the whole experience, like the unforgettable ride to Gallipoli that ended with swimming in its clear water. My constant thought: “From now on it’s all downhill!” to be immediately  faced with another uphill ride...




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