Partire da Milano ad ottobre ed in poco più di 2 ore ritrovarsi in piena estate, è stata una bella sensazione!  Fin dal primo giorno si 'respira' l'aria del Sud con un cielo e mare azzurro intenso, un territorio immerso negli uliveti. Il tracciato è perfetto ed in poco più di 4 giorni passando per molti tratti di strade zitte si visita tutto il tacco d'Italia. Il bagno, l'arrivo al tramonto  e la cena a Gallipoli impressi nella mente! Grande Paolo.


I have not trained for it, the new road racing bike is not ready, I don’t know anybody…..Am I really sure I want to do this? These were my thoughts before leaving. Instead it turned into a steady increase of rides, laughter, trust and synergy with the group I shared this experience . Clearly the spectacular scenery and wonderful weather have contributed to the whole experience, like the unforgettable ride to Gallipoli that ended with swimming in its clear water. My constant thought: “From now on it’s all downhill!” to be immediately  faced with another uphill ride...


Good idea from home by bicycle (Milan) and arrive in three days to the sea. It 'easier to do than to say: what lovely streets to reach Pavia and the Apennines, it is top of the hill for the first time in Val Trebbia, and a second La Forcella in the peaks of Val d'Aveto and then ... mare! the Liguria sea.



Salento, Trulli e Sassi di Matera

Arrival/ departure airport is at/from Brindisi airport  in Puglia, the region also known as the heel of Italy. A 8 days and 7 nights tour to discover the magical atmosphere of this region and also of the renown Sassi of Matera in the adjacent region...

From Gabicce to Bolgheri - 4 days

Romagna - Tuscany cycling tours: From the Adriatic sea to the Tyrrhenian / A splendid coast-to-coast crossing, immersed in the Italian landscape, each mile more beautiful than the next, four days pedaling at a conversational pace. An exceptional...


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